Interior Designer: Leufroy Ltd

Developer: Leufroy Ltd

Photography: Roberto Garaganza

Leufroy Ltd has achieved an exceptional residential interior design project with the transformation of Redcliffe Gardens. Originally a one-bedroom flat, the design team successfully converted it into a luxurious two-bedroom residence without compromising the living space. The client sought a modern twist on a classic design, and Leufroy Ltd delivered a stunning result.

The property boasted impressive ceiling heights, 2.4-meter high doors, and original cornicing, which were carefully preserved and enhanced in the design. The design team focused on accentuating the original features while introducing modern elements to create a harmonious blend. Bespoke, oversized internal doors, floor-to-ceiling joinery, and high-quality herringbone timber floors were incorporated to elevate the overall aesthetic. Wall panelling and a thoughtfully chosen colour palette further enhanced the space, adding depth and character.

Preserving the warmth and cosiness inherent in period properties was a priority for the design team. They refurbished existing architectural features rather than replacing them, ensuring the space maintained its inherent charm. The expansive bay windows and fireplace seamlessly integrated with the updated finishes, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. Contemporary touches were introduced subtly, including a muted kitchen with sleek, handleless doors and modern furnishings with clean lines and refined finishes.

The practicality of the layout was paramount, and the design team meticulously planned the addition of an en-suite master bedroom while maintaining a spacious living area. The kitchen area was seamlessly incorporated into the front room, resulting in a functional, open-plan space with well-defined zones for kitchen, dining, and living areas.

Leufroy Ltd is proud to have fulfilled the client’s vision for an updated luxury residence. The result is a spacious and sophisticated two-bedroom, two-bathroom Victorian home that effortlessly combines style and functionality. Redcliffe Gardens stands as a testament to the company’s expertise in creating exceptional residential spaces that exceed client expectations.