Location: Whitehall, London, UK

Interior Designer: Ed O’Donnell, Angel O’Donnell

Architect: EPR Architects

Developer: Westminster Development Services Ltd

Construction: Ardmore Group Construction

Photography: Taran Wilkhu

An apartment inside The OWO Residences is a multi-million-pound collector’s piece. Once the site of the Old War Office – where Churchill commanded the British armed forces – this neo-baroque Grade II* listed gem has been closed to the public for over a century.

When it reopens, it will reveal Europe’s first Raffles-branded residences. 85 unique apartments with direct access to 30,000sq ft of private amenities, a five-star Raffles Hotel, and eleven bars and restaurants. It’s a slice of history aimed at an international elite who prize quality over shouty opulence. Angel O’Donnell’s task, therefore, was to create a welcoming home, where craftsmanship, pin-sharp detailing, expert art curation and irresistible comfort work in concert with each other.

Angel O’Donnell had lots of original features to inspire them – from decorative mouldings to an intricate mosaic floor. These embellishments require a light touch. So, Angel O’Donnell opted for a pale, neutral base palette. This gave them a gallery-like backdrop for jewel-toned furniture, dazzling feature wallpaper, bold modernist paintings, statement lighting, and richly embroidered curtains.

The aim for Angel O’Donnell was to design a home that looked like it had been lovingly assembled over many years. The designers pictured someone well travelled, with an eye for detail and impeccable taste. Over time, this person would add a Persian rug here, a hand-thrown vase there, and occasionally rearrange a picture wall to accommodate new art.

To evoke this sense of the discerning homemaker, Angel O’Donnell knew they must prioritise eclecticism over uniformity. By mixing patterns, textures, metals, stones, classic silhouettes, and sculptural forms, they were able to give each room its own identity. And for Angel O’Donnell, balancing an assortment of styles is what The OWO Residences are all about.