Location: Antigua & Barbuda

Interior Designer: Ward & Co

Architect: Rawdon Turner Associates

Photography: Jonathan Bond

Ward & Co, the renowned design company, has recently completed a remarkable project located in Antigua & Barbuda, showcasing their expertise in creating stunning spaces that embrace the natural beauty of the Caribbean. This beautiful villa, nestled into a rocky promontory, offers some of the most sensational views on the island.

Throughout the villa, Ward & Co’s signature style is evident, blending calm and consistent design with vibrant bursts of colour that are synonymous with Caribbean aesthetics. Each room has its own distinct personality, seamlessly combining warm tones to create a harmonious atmosphere. The design concept ensures that the outward views remain uncluttered, allowing the breath-taking scenery to take centre stage. To enhance the impact upon entering the house, careful consideration was given to the placement of furniture, keeping it lateral and low.

The master bedroom, located on the top floor, boasts a panoramic view over the sea and the house below. A stunning large bathtub in a nickel finish becomes the focal point of the bathroom, inviting relaxation and indulgence. As night falls, the carefully planned lighting design reveals a new perspective, with accent and task lights strategically placed to provide both practicality and a cozy ambiance throughout the villa.

The outdoor area is equally captivating, featuring an infinity pool surrounded by a comfortable sunbathing area, a bar for socializing and watching TV, and a second outdoor dining space. The bar is equipped with a dumb waiter that seamlessly connects it to the kitchen on the floor above, facilitating easy and varied entertaining. The villa’s gardens have matured quickly, as is customary in this region. Bougainvillea, Sea grapes, Palm trees, and Flame trees flourish, enhancing the natural surroundings and complementing the overall design aesthetic.

Ward & Co have created a warm and inviting haven, meticulously designed to ensure uninterrupted views and a seamless integration with the Caribbean landscape. The villa respects and embraces Caribbean culture, creating a space that harmoniously combines contemporary lines with the traditional elements of the region.