Project name: Dark Apartment in Warsaw
Location: Warsaw
Interior Designer: Pawel Sokol
Completion: 2014

This dark apartment with art deco detailing was designed for a young businessman which provides fully automated features. This property is located within a building previously used as a public swimming pool, which has now been transformed into luxury apartments.

The kitchen in this apartment was designed using luxury furniture and not simply as a space for preparing food. The main element is a 3m wide wine cooler with its fine collection of the best wines in the world. The space is designed more for the enjoyment of fine wines than the preparation of huge meals.

The kitchen is also the separating area for the corridor which leads to a private area and the pool. Situated within the kitchen and over the counter area, hangs a large specially designed lamp made from chromed steel and hand made glass. All the kitchenware are well hidden within the high gloss walnut veneered cabinets with ART DECO details. The counter is made from Ner Assoluto granite, and walls are finished with silk wallpaper.