Project Name: Private Residence- Berlin, Germany
Location: Berlin-Germany
Interior Designer: NR Group
Completed: 2012

Very modern and clinical European design as the client brief. NR Group were asked to combine modern interior design and incorporate traditional materials such as a striking wooden staircase as a central feature. This contrasts with almost an industrial glass adjacent to this which contrasts and showcases both materials beautifully.

The pool area has been designed with a feeling of space and this is evident in artwork that gives a feeling of the outdoors and both natural materials such as slate and wood used throughout. A mix of plants and a subtle waterfall located beneath an avenue of trees adds to the escapism designed purposely by Natalia and her team. A true peaceful haven in this truly magnificent home. This luxury home demonstrates luxury throughout. Whilst contemporary and modern, Natalia and NR Group have still created spaces that offer a true sense of escape and a feeling of warmth. NR Group have designed an interior that combines beauty with a precision and modern architecture in this functional home.