Project Name: Reserve Villa 2
Location: Al Barari
Interior Designer: Lesley Zaal
Completed: 2014

The villa was designed around the needs of be client’s family plus entertainment areas for visitors. The client gave the designer pretty much a free hand once they knew their specific requirements. All in all a dream project!

This villa was commissioned by a private client who had already bought a villa in Al Barari and wanted the same standard of work. Etcetera Living were given a brief that suited the needs of the family – to include a game / relax room, a home cinema, a guest room with twin beds, a study, a private area for family and an area for entertaining. The Master Bedroom was extremely important to the client and one of the main requirements was that there should be a TV unit that was actually a beautiful piece in its own right . The colour scheme chosen was a combination of grey and purple so that it was neither too masculine or too feminine. The finished look ticked all the boxes both for the client and the Design team! The combination of Ivory, grey and purple works remarkably well for both husband and wife to create a room that combines both masculine and feminine aspects in harmony. The overall look is one of tranquility and harmony.