Project name: SJA I House
Location: Michoacán, México
Architect: Marq. Javier Dueñas Estrada, Arq. Álvaro González Guerra Gómez
Interior Designer: CDM architects + MUMO
Completion: 2013

Located on the picturesque pacific shores of San Juan de Alima, the SJA I House utilises its natural setting for stunning effect. SJA I House occupies a premier position in the center of an unspoiled bay, 20 meters above sea level.

The property’s proximity to the water is mirrored in the inviting stillness of the luxurious lap pool which runs the length of the property. Additionally, SJA I House’s open plan design ensures the envious vantage point is maximised for full effect as the open-faced design exploits the natural vista, high-vantage point and wealth of sunshine expertly. Comprising an indulgent master suite with private bathroom and four additional guest rooms, all of which have independent access to the plaza style walk way and en-suite facilities, SJA I House offers residents a perfect, private getaway. Fully geared for maximum entertainment and relaxation requirements, the beach house design includes a stunning social complex comprising a bar, grill, and wood oven. Furthermore, the central location of the house’s main seating area ensures guests’ comfort is catered for. To the exterior of the property the lavish pool deck and balconies ensure the sunshine can be enjoyed in luxury, whilst the beautiful scenery is framed by the intelligent architecture and neutral, natural interior design.