Submitted by: Sylka Carpets
Category: Flooring – Carpet/Rug

SYLKA™ is one of the leading luxury faux-silk carpets currently available. Emanating luxury and quality, SYLKA™ uniquely combines the delicacy of natural silk with outstanding durability to create a truly outstanding collection of rugs and carpets that are perfect for use in home interiors, yachts and commercial uses such as corporate venues, hospitality, exhibitions and luxury hotels.

SYLKA™ uses innovative NuSilk™ fibres that make their carpets and rugs easy to maintain, anti-allergenic, hardwearing and resilient to sun damage, while still retaining the luxurious look and feel of pure silk.

As well as offering close fitted carpets, they also offer bespoke rugs that can be made to any size, using leather, faux leather, linen or cotton. Their designer rugs are produced by highly-skilled craftsmen who use fine marquetry work to produce a look and finish that is unrivalled.
Their range of natural shades perfectly compliment any interior space – from luxury penthouse to super yachts.

Last year saw the launch of several new ranges including Elegance (shag pile), Speckle (two tone) and Cashmere (super fine velour) on top of their other ranges; Opulence, Velour, Pinstripe, Rib and Royale.

Unlike all natural and faux silk luxury floor covering, including viscose and bamboo, NuSilk™ is the only fibre system of its type that will retain its beauty and delicate feel after cleaning. A specialized twisting process results in a finished product that possesses high resiliency, allowing increased resistance to pile crush or “walk out” common in floor coverings made of natural and organic fibres.