Name: Amsterdam Residence

Location: The Netherlands

Date completed: 2015

Interior designer: Roelfien Vos

Architect: Roelfien Vos

This project involved a family home for a 5 person household in the city center. It is a historical building from early 20th century, the building was used as a language school from the 1970’s until 2015. All historical treasures were either removed or covered by ceilings, closets and carpeting.

The family wanted to restore this great building and bring back history to life. The second requirement was to have a modern atmosphere as well as comfort and functionality. After removing all the furnishings and elements from previous owner, we discovered great ceilings to be restored.

A study of historical color schemes started together with a whole new layout design. The client emphasized that they liked international, transitional style. The rebuilding and restoring took over a year.