Name: Chelsea Townhouse
Submitted by : Cochrane Design
Category: Lighting Scheme

For this project, Cochrane were looking to transform an originally tired property into a wonderfully elegant and luxurious home, complete with the latest advances in lighting. The designers pushed boundaries and were innovative with the lighting scheme, experimenting with techniques that hadn’t been done before. The overall concept was to use dimmable LED lights in order to create ‘mood’ lighting.

The client wished for a fully automated, multi-layered lighting scheme with warm, dimmable, LED lights throughout. Every cupboard was to be individually lit with invisible recessed lighting, built into the bespoke joinery. The layered lighting scheme in the kitchen emphasizes the sophisticated craftsmanship. A great deal of time was spent ensure that every light source was a dimmable LED and the advantage of this central control approach is that the keypads and their relevant buttons can be used to recall any lighting scene. These changeable lights are an extremely important feature throughout the house, ensuring that the lighting is always suited to any mood.

The diversity of the Lighting Scheme is most prominent in the ground floor entrance hall with the flight of stairs leading to the first floor. This lighting is favoured because there are so many intricate layers to the lighting scheme in this area- from the recessed LED strip lights in the stairs to the antique pendant and bespoke crystal chandelier.Every area is considered and each layer allows for individual illumination whilst not interrupting the overall theme. All of the lighting compliments the furnishings to create a warm but sophisticated feel.