Name: Coastal New England Harbour House

Location: Edgartown, MA USA

Date Completed: August 2012

Architect: Patrick Ahearn

To celebrate New England architecture’s history, the objective of this project was to use historically motivated architecture to create a new home that looks as though it has stood the test of time, rooted in its site and appropriate in scale with its surroundings. The entire property was designed to evoke a sense of history including the arrival sequence, hierarchy of scale in the architectural elements, and the use of traditional materials and historically functional architectural features.

The past is echoed through the use of traditional materials including weathered cedar shingles, stone veneered foundations and chimneys, and New England bluestone terraces and fieldstone walls. Equally as significant are the additions of a widow’s walk and over sailing eaves despite the advancements in technology

As one approaches the property along a cobblestone ribbon driveway, anticipation from the prolonged arrival sequence intensifies. The driveway culminates to a large cobblestone entry court, symmetrically aligned with the front façade and portico, creating a formal and unforgettable sense of arrival. The meticulously manicured plantings blend natural and controlled influences to provide a seamless indoor-outdoor transition. All of the elements of a formal historic home are present however they are dressed down to convey a quiet sense of luxury with an effortless and natural sophistication.