Name: Coco Lamp
Location: Turkey
Designer: Mobi
Category: Lighting – Lamp

More Than Just a Lamp, Coco Lamp is an elegant, timeless piece of art drawn by Ahmet Rasit Karaaslan.
The Contemporary lighting piece is sophisticated and unique, and is therefore named Coco to embody everything that the name connotates.
It can add a special focal point to any room; with its extraordinarily amazing design, the Coco lamp can imbue a warm and inviting ambience to any room.
Coco Lamps are the easiest way to instantly update your space with the latest designer trends, without embarking on a major redecoration.
Mobi has manufactured a lamp from high quality materials, resulting in a unique and timeless addition to home decor. Coco Lamp is unique, wonderfully crafted and also special enough to change your mood entirely.