Name: Eminence Mansion
Location: Beijing
Date completed: 2015
Interior designer: David Chang

This prestigious development, Eminence Mansion, demanded a show suite that fully embraced the timeless elegance and grace of classical European style. Archival details of Romanticism and Classical elements have been instructive in creating the rebirth of these courtly manor houses. Sensuously rich materials evoking semiprecious jewels have been combined for flooring patterns celebrating historical grandeur. These patterns are then quietly reflected in ceiling patterns to create a dignified ambiance.

A soft and calming colour palette was introduced to evoke a regal serenity. Unapologetically affluent furnishings were appropriated to substantiate these exalted residences. The entirety of finishes, furnishings, materials and details were then carefully considered in the delicacy of lighting selection to ensure an emotion of tranquility throughout the home to further enhance the purchasing experience of this prestigious development.

This 460 square meters apartment comprises of 5 bedrooms with en suites, den, living room, dining room, powder room, nanny bedroom with en suite and a large kitchen with centre island as a breakfast area. The apartment is located beside the 4th ring road in Beijing. The living room has 8 meters in width and 5.6 meters in depth, and with sliding door to a large balcony overlooking the garden. The master bedroom has 8 square meters walk-in closet with a a make-up table furnished. The ceiling height is 3.3 meters throughout the entire apartment.