Name: Bathroom at Ussishkin St.

Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Interior Design: Annette Frommer

Architect: Marc Flamm

Project manager: Gershon Leebhoff

Annette’s philosophy is to create exclusive designs within the highest standards, customizing each project to reflect her discerning clients’ lifestyle aspirations, with the result of remarkable unique interiors. Her highly elegant style characterizes each one of Annette’s timeless projects. This particular project was a total renovation of a listed private landmark property in Israel.

The classically designed Master Bathroom achieves a balanced symbiosis with the various rooms in the rest of the house, which Annette designed in totality. The room is clad with striking book matched Statuario marble slabs. Their natural symmetry lending an elegant and artistic aspect to the space. The bathroom was completed with traditional style chrome fittings by Lefroy Brooks, which complement the overall look of the room, and are in-keeping with the style of the entire property.

The same stone is again used for the mouldings of the sizeable bath, as well as the frames of the shower door and the windows, creating a calming consistency to the overall scheme. The design is one of luxurious, but simple, sophistication, which lets the natural beauty of the materials take centre stage. The use of predominantly white marble, laced with delicate grey fissures creates a pervading sense of light within the room, which feels grand, yet bright and modern at the same time. The designer’s philosophy is to constantly strive for harmony and beauty, achieving remarkable interiors, with a luxurious ambience and subtle sumptuousness.