Name: Kern Design

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Interior Designers: Norbert E. Kern, S. Kober and V. Schlotthauer.

Architect: Norbert E. Kern

This family with 2 children wanted a luxurious penthouse in a prime location. Colours and materials were all specifically requested by the owners, and implemented within a classic, old Hollywood style, with modern touches. Use of crystals, mirrors and Art Deco designs are in abundance. Fit for the likes of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to twirl across the hard wood floor, the living space is vintage decadence brought to life in a new century.

Layers of intricately assembled detail have been put together by architect and interior designer Nobert E. Kern, and interior designers S. Kober and V. Schlotthauer, who collaborated on this project. Nobert E. Kern said: “My favourite aspect of this design is the attention to quality: All materials had to be the highest quality possible. I wanted to make sure the room shined, whether or not the sun was present. This design works so well as from the beginning we developed a clear colour concept and moved consistently in this colour range. We also created material combinations which trigger high emotional moods.” This modern classic penthouse is a luxury new build on the 6th floor, located in bustling Frankfurt, Germany.