Name: The Wing Sofa
Company: Shosha Kamal
Category: Sofa
Location: Cairo Egypt
Date: May 2016
Illustrator: Akram Mohamed

4000 years ago, ancient Egyptians created the science of Product Design. They excelled at designing everything and specifically furniture. However this great art was born and died with their golden age. Until today there are almost no attempts to develop that great heritage of Art and Design. Unfortunately it remains trapped at museum and media documentaries.
The Wing Sofa is the first attempt to resurrect the Ancient Egyptian Design Style, creating the first of its kind, contemporary pharaonic design in style.

Inspired by the great Wadjet, the Cobra Goddess patron and protector of the whole Lower Egypt, symbolising eternal protection and peace. The Wing Sofa, used the same ancient Egyptian technique in materials, wood covered up and painted with copper. Along with upholstery of pure white leather/ or teal velvet. Bringing back the marvellous ancient Egyptian design to life. Blending the greatness of Pharaonic designs with the minimalism of ultra modern makes it a timeless piece, yet for everyday use in residential and commercial spaces. The choice of materials was crucial to communicate the luxury yet the causality of the piece, that’s why the choice was wood painted in copper for the back, and pure white leather for the seat.