Interior Designer: Mokka Design

Construction: Elite Construction

Photography: Julian Abrams

This property required a full renovation; although it featured a pretty Edwardian façade, the interior needed much modernisation. Multiple extensions had made the house feel disjointed. Intended as a ‘forever home’, the client wanted a luxury space in which to enjoy family life and a house that would meet their needs for entertaining, with open plan, multipurpose spaces designed to be sociable and fun.

The ground floor and lower ground floor were key spaces in which we needed to address this brief. The living room had a difficult layout with an immovable column and whilst it called out for division, the client had stipulated the requirement for open plan. Instead of dividing these areas, we installed pivoting floor to ceiling screens that kept it open but still created two cosy seating spaces perfect for having intimate drinks with friends. Finding the perfect location for the client’s statement artwork was a priority, as was assisting him in sourcing some unique pieces such as a coffee table fashioned from an airplane propeller – the perfect conversation starters. Beyond this space, a unique Music Room designed to inspire the children’s growing interests, features a grand piano, multiple instruments, and a welcoming window seat of comfortable cushions – ready for a spontaneous musical soiree.

On the lower ground floor, the expansive kitchen, living & dining areas offer a more relaxed space; perfect for more informal gatherings with seamless access to the wine cellar. The glass extension leads you out into the tropical inspired garden, also designed with family life and parties in mind. A pergola-covered sunken seating area is complete with firepit, speakers and TV for watching sport or movie nights. The feature “bar tree” also deserves recognition; a bespoke bench built around a tree discreetly housing troughs for ice buckets to be filled during a big party. Adjacent to this is a well equipped outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and BBQ. An industrial icemaker in the utility room and additional fridge freezers in the main kitchen ensure complete practicality.

There are fun features to be found in every corner of this home, from a cinema style popcorn maker in the family room to the marbled effect resin floor in the garage.