Location: UK

Interior Designer: Maddux Creative

Construction: Andrew Palmer Ltd

Photography: Michael Sinclair

Maddux Creative, a renowned design studio, completed an exceptional project in London’s historic Marylebone district, transforming a 1920s apartment into a modern and timeless Pied-a-Terre with a strong focus on contemporary art.

The clients, a Los Angeles-based couple and their grown-up daughters, sought a chic living space that could double as a showcase for their growing collection of contemporary art and photography. The apartment’s historic charm, featuring original mouldings and parquet flooring, provided a perfect backdrop for their vision. The challenge was to create a modern feel while maintaining the European elegance of the building.

The project unfolded in two phases. The first involved decorating and furnishing the main living spaces and bedrooms, while the second phase centred on more construction-focused work in the kitchen and en suite bathrooms. The design team meticulously crafted a comfortable Guest Bedroom with an en suite shower room and a serene Main Bedroom, also with an en suite shower room. Attention was given to every detail, including the powder room tackled in the initial phase and the subsequent transformation of the en suite bathrooms.

Maddux Creative’s approach focused on creating sophisticated and uncluttered spaces, designed to complement any future art acquisitions. The team masterfully achieved a seamless blend of contemporary art with the apartment’s historical elements, resulting in a beautiful and artistic space.

The success of Maddux Creative’s design for the Marylebone Pied-a-Terre can be attributed to their respectful preservation of the building’s historical features. Rather than erasing them, the team creatively incorporated and enhanced these elements, instilling a sense of timelessness and character. The studio’s founders, Jo and Scott, are well-known for their artistic vision and willingness to take risks. Their ability to reflect the clients’ personalities and showcase their art collection in a sophisticated and adventurous manner set their work apart.

Maddux Creative’s expertise in artful design, thoughtful furnishing selection, and attention to detail culminated in a truly unique and artistic space, where old and new coexist harmoniously, honouring the building’s history while embracing contemporary flair. The Marylebone Pied-a-Terre stands as a testament to Maddux Creative’s commitment to creating exceptional living spaces that leave a lasting impression on their clients and all who have the privilege of experiencing their creations.