Location: West Midlands, UK

Interior Designer: Gemma Hill, Bayswater Interiors

Construction: Wodehouse Ltd

Photography: Tom St Aubyn

The clients approached Bayswater Interiors to help with Project MH prior to Planning Permission being granted. The designers amended layouts to ensure that the home would offer all the entertaining and leisure functions they required as well as being a warm and welcoming family home.

The entire family are keen on sport and keeping fit, so a large gym in the basement area was a key requirement, complete with Sauna and shower room. Since this is a family that is very sociable and keen on entertaining, Bayswater Interiors added a wine room to the basement, and a Family/Games Room to the ground floor complete with bar and TV area ready for World Cup viewing. The key family space was to be the vaulted Living/Dining/Kitchen so a layout was created to maximise functionality as well as aesthetics – a hidden pantry and utility provided an uncluttered look in the kitchen and the open plan nature of the entire space meant the family could be together whilst cooking, eating and watching television.

The clients had spent time living in America and wanted the interiors to have a nod to the West Coast aesthetic, and with large expanses of glazing the link to the outdoors was to be reflected in the natural colours and materials of the scheme, with wide planks used for the wooden floors, layered with a woven rug and with soft greens accenting the scheme. A stylish yet practical office was also a requirement as the client works from home a significant amount of time, and also holds meetings on Zoom and in person there. Bedrooms were to be restful and calming, again using a natural colour palette with bespoke storage including a dressing room for the Primary Suite.

The design works well because Bayswater Interiors spent so much time on the space planning initially to ensure that the home can be used just how the family wanted. The lighting has been designed to work with that layout and so creates a beautiful atmosphere throughout the day and night, and the aesthetic is just as the clients wanted.