Location: United Kingdom

Designer: Jessica Sroga, Krantz Designs

Construction: Best Little Building Co

Photography: Paul Craig

Krantz Design have completed an impressive kitchen project that combined an original home with an outbuilding to form a spacious and practical open plan kitchen dining space. The project was undertaken with the aim of creating a beautiful yet functional area to host the family on a regular basis. The designer, Jessica Sroga, was able to achieve this goal by creating multiple zones for different activities and storage, as well as incorporating a touch of glamour with brass finishes and statement lighting.

The focal point of the space is a statement island that includes built-in ovens, a hob, and a prep surface, as well as a circular breakfast bar with a concealed champagne sink and room for four stools. The island is complemented by a back wall that contains ample storage space, including a pantry cupboard, breakfast and drinks dresser, and integrated fridge and freezer. The design also features a ceiling feature that conceals the ducting for the flush mounted extractor and helps to zone the area, distinct from the adjacent dining and living spaces.

The materials used in the project include rich walnut for the breakfast bar, marble-effect quartz worktops, and grey-white porcelain tiles. The scheme showcases a touch of glamour by incorporating brass finishes in each zone, around the perimeter of the breakfast bar, and within the statement lighting. The handles, sink, and glass rods within the chandeliers also feature fluted finishes, creating a consistent look throughout the design.

The kitchen design has been sympathetic to the existing architecture while also incorporating the client’s requirements for an elegant yet bold entertainment and living space. The use of tall, soft black cabinetry and the central island creates a strong statement and focal point within the space, resulting in an immediate “wow” factor. The design successfully zones each activity within the room, providing convenient areas of reach for the client while preparing, cooking, washing, entertaining, and more.

Overall, the Krantz Design team has not missed any details in this project. The kitchen design is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, with multiple zones for various activities and storage. The choice of bold colour and metal details has created a beautiful and consistent look throughout the design, providing the client with an elegant yet functional space for entertaining and daily use.