Location: Colorado, USA

Architect: Jodie and Bruce Wright, One Architects, Inc.

Interior Design: MARKZEFF

Photography: Julie Soefer

The creation of a modern cabin style house in the mountains near Telluride using local materials and lux accents was an inspiring endeavor. The designer responsible for this impressive feat is none other than Markzeff, an accomplished interior designer.

Over the course of four years, Markzeff worked closely with clients Hilary and Philip on every aspect of the house, from the overall design to the selection of long-lasting materials that blend seamlessly into the landscape. The clients’ desire for fireplaces in almost every room was also taken into consideration. Moreover, the importance of large open areas that blend and work together, as well as the sense of privacy and connection to the landscape from every room, were crucial in the design process, especially for the bedrooms.

Another important aspect of the design was the kitchen, which needed to feel like it was an integral part of the architecture and not just a purchased item. Markzeff also made sure that the view of the mountains and the vast expanse of land surrounding the house was always present, regardless of where one was in the home.

One of the main goals of this design was to create a connection between the people who live in the house and the location. To achieve this, Markzeff incorporated a blend of old furniture items and custom-designed spaces, ensuring that the project was always about blending into the environment. The metalwork, stone, and woodwork were all done locally, adding to the overall sense of cohesion with the surroundings.

Furthermore, the fireplace stone base was cut from a local quarry and brought in by crane and two fork lift trucks, demonstrating the commitment to using local materials and supporting the local economy.

In conclusion, Markzeff’s design for this modern cabin-style house in the mountains near Telluride is a testament to their skill as an interior designer. The attention to detail and commitment to using locally-sourced materials resulted in a truly remarkable home that blends seamlessly into its environment, providing both comfort and a strong sense of connection to the landscape.