Location: Belgium

Architect / Interior Designer: Thong Lei, Anne Noordam

The 19th-century Belgian castle, nestled within a vast 68-hectare property, stood in a state of ruin, yearning for a transformative touch. Entrusted with the responsibility of crafting a lavish and comfortable abode within its 32 rooms, the esteemed interior design firm, Decoration Empire, undertook the task with utmost dedication.

Understanding the owner’s desire to merge modern comfort with the castle’s authentic 19th-century ambiance, Decoration Empire employed contemporary techniques such as advanced installations, domotics, cutting-edge audio systems, and air-conditioning. The castle’s new proprietor, a devoted bibliophile, sought to showcase his collection of 6,000 books while reveling in the soothing melodies of music. To accommodate his extensive compilation of 3,000 classic vinyl records and 1,200 CDs, the team faced the challenge of crafting an elegant and functional design that granted easy access to these cherished treasures.

Guided by the client’s vision and their comprehensive briefing, which emphasized a harmonious blend of past and present, aristocratic refinement without ostentation, and personalized touch of unique atmosphere, Decoration Empire embarked on a design journey that showcased the enchanting interplay between old-world charm and contemporary convenience. The team meticulously preserved the castle’s 19th-century ambiance, infusing it with 21st-century comfort.

To realize their ambitious vision, Decoration Empire exclusively employed exquisite, high-end materials and curated a seamless flow throughout the castle’s interior spaces. Every piece of furniture, crafted with precision and artistry, was bespoke and meticulously designed by Anne Noordam and her accomplished team at Decoration Empire.

With a dedicated workforce of over 100 professionals diligently working for five years, this colossal undertaking reached its culmination. Beyond the ten opulent bedrooms, the design encompassed ten luxurious bathrooms, three well-appointed kitchens, two elegant dining rooms, two inviting living areas, two stately libraries, two inviting swimming pools, a capacious garage accommodating up to twenty cars, multiple wine cellars, offices, and even a fitness area and sauna with a Hamman.

In the end, Decoration Empire successfully transformed the dilapidated castle into a splendid haven, where tradition harmoniously coexists with contemporary comforts. Their meticulous attention to detail, unwavering commitment to quality, and the fusion of old-world charm with modern elegance resulted in a residence that exudes timeless class and exquisite style.