Project name: AB Steak by Chef Akira Back
Category: Restaurant Award
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Date completed: April 2017
Interior designer: Ethospace

Inspired by epicurean ideals in context of the modern Asian in us, the AB Steaks by Chef Akira Back specialising in fine modern BBQ delights integrates the art of taste with a look and feel defined within a minimalist design statement. In design concept, the oriental-inspired ambience created revolves around an appreciation of a dining experience being heightened by a desire to live life in beauty beyond sight and seeking truth in epicurean pleasure beyond bite. In AB Steak by Chef Akira Back, minimalism exists not for minimalist sake or to conform with styles in vogue but to find its place in design akin to the singular solitaire expression of subjects in clearer light as in black and white art.

Only the most basic of elements in the design vocabulary of the restaurant such as stone, wood, metal and grille complementing passionate fire were used. Together, they exquisitely express in shadow and light a shadow play that encapsulate within the spatial experience of the restaurant an art of living life that come not from sustenance of the body; but the rhythm inspired from the condition of taste at its finest. Even a little bite is like the whisper from a solitary flute in an orchestra of winds joined in harmony with the sweet night.

From the exquisiteness of taste from the finest of stock cured with care and massaged over grill with skill and passion by the chef; for the epicure is the promise of a delectable promise of the soft succulence from meats to evoke a sweet kiss of texture melting from lips to the anticipating palette. From look and feel; elements of earth, sky and heaven with inspiring fire dance together in harmony. From air; scent is heightened from meats that warm the heart of the discerning gourmet.