Name: Azia Resort & Spa (5*)
Category: Spa Hotel
Location: Paphos, Cyprus
Date completed: March 2016
Architect: Tefkros Koulountis and Hubert Zandberg
Interior designer: Hubert Zandberg

The sophisticated design of the hotel owes as much to edgy London design as to local influences. The result is an atmosphere that is sensuous yet earthy, shaped by the whole history of Cyprus and by the natural beauty of the island. The nature is suggested, for instance, by such details as the use of flower and leaf motifs carved on wood and stone as well as by the profusion of indoor and outdoor plantings.

The history is present in a slick, fusion manner combining very earthy and artistic elements. Each area is influenced by a different chapter of the Cyprus history. Venetian Murano glass, hand painted silk and gold leaf decoration of the main dining room represent the impact of the Venetian Republic on the history of the island, while the main lobby has the airiness suggestive of the open spaces of the agora of ancient Greece.

There the pebble, the marble, the greenery and the abundance of light combine perfectly with lounge love seats and design furniture. The staircase bannister looks like seaweeds moving with the waves and the piano lobby bar is a beautiful reminder of the colonial influence. The main bar, in deep sensuous colours, with finely carved wood lace on the walls and hand-wrought iron lamp structures, captures the fusion of Arab cultures on the island. The hotel has a very smooth design with a relaxing feel and comfort. It also brings texture and experimentation into all areas of the hotel which keeps the guests relaxed throughout the stay at this stunning spa hotel.