Location: Verbier
Date Completed: March 2016
Interior Designer: Laughland Jones

This chalet is located in the heart of the Alps in the legendary Swiss resort of Verbier. It has contemporary architecture designed with quality materials providing a beautiful panorama of the surrounding alpine location. Vernacular tradition informs the external appearance, and a contemporary interpretation of the classic chalet in the mountains was the guiding principle for the interior design. The staircase is a “ladder” connecting all levels by fine detail, with the ever-present view of the Alps as the priority. One of the main objectives was to reveal the raw material of old wood and its relation to the direct environment of the Alps.

Inherent within the design scheme is a play of reflections between indoor and outdoor spaces, for example, the fire and chimney are hidden from view behind a mirror. This interplay between internal and external environments places the context of the Alps in the centre of the project, the mirrored surfaces visually bringing the outside in. Likewise, the way in which light has been engineered to perform throughout the property; resulting in a range of different atmospheres suited to each room and time of day is also worth noting.

The poetic use of outdoor lighting enhances the south facade which opens out onto the mountains. The perception of the panorama in this chalet and the choices of traditional materials are key design features.