Project name: Citigo Hotel
Category: Hotel Under 200 Rooms Asia Pacific
Location: Shanghai, China
Date completed: April 2017
Interior designer: Hank M. Chao
Architect: Hank M. Chao
Hotel Group: China Lodging Group, Limited.

The hotel is a breather from Shanghai’s commotion – stockpiling with local art, music, culture, thoughtful design details and local hospitality warmth. Citigo Hotel Shanghai makes its home at the the heart of Jing-An district, which has been the most prosperous area in Shanghai for centuries. The city’s unique flair is blended with the needs of the urban travellers by design. The ground floor serves as the living room where the hotel guests and the locals can share the bar, restaurant, long working table, seats and laughter.

All public functions are allocated to the ground floor and top roof, from where visitors can find the vertical connection to the hotel rooms. The roof top has become a multi-functional area where party, yoga class and outdoor movies can be held. Instead of the traditional signature wall behind the reception desk, the self check-in desks sit on the right in the entrance and there is a wall full of carefully reorganized stockpiling lug gages, milk crates, paper boxes and wine wood cases. A DJ table on the left is a composition of various size of speakers, which is also a part of the design of the long bar as well. The finishes of the floor are grey concrete tiles and wood flooring. As a result, the reception areas feels rather more like a gateway connecting the outdoor patio and the indoor areas.

The local dialogue – Shanghainese is embedded on the floor carpet and the custom made lighting fixtures on the ceiling different colour of light on the hallway towards the rooms. The typical rooms are very small and compact with lots of design details. The reading light is hidden within the gold long stainless made bar underneath the window. And a Ipad holder on the bar is a very delicate thought of the design as well. Again, Shanghainese dialogues are repeated on the guest room ceiling to reflect the local culture.