Submitted by: GG&Grace International
Location: Punta Cana – Dominican Republic
Interior Designer: GG&Grace International
Completion: December 2015
The Club Med Punta Cana property, located in Dominican republic, proposes an impressive level of high-end comfort, conveying the feeling of family holidays in an informal chic and convivial Club Med Spirit and atmosphere. GG&Grace has been appointed to design the Zen Oasis extension and to create an exclusive haven for couples seeking to relax and unwind while enjoying the unique spirit and wide array of activities of a Club Med resort.
GG&Grace’s design approach is built on 4 main guidelines. Surprise: First of all they wanted to generate surprise and smile. Some creative and lively signature elements such as the flower rug in the rooms or the mosaic wall at the Pool Bar offer a twist to be contemporary, trendy & friendly and bring the Club Med touch, differentiated from other hotel brands.

Premiumness: Secondly, to convey the comfortable, elegant and upscale feeling of the space, the designers used noble references and materials but in an informal interpretation. Local touch: In order to assure the design is integrated in the environment, both in the surrounding natural scenery and with rest of the Village, they twisted locally sourced materials in a reinterpreted modern way, such as local wooden headboard or trunk coffee table.
Modularity: Last but not least, spaces are clever, ergonomic and personalised, in line with the different uses that the Zen Oasis offers. For example the modularity in terms of lighting and ambiances in order to adapt to the different moments of the day is a key factor they took into consideration.