Project Name: Ebenist

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Date completed: 2016

Interior Designer: Stylt Trampoli

A cocktail bar with classic recipes and genuine craft in focus, Ebenist’s interiors are inspired by the cabinetmaker’s art and passion for his materials. Ebenist’s offer a carefully selected range of classic drinks and cocktails in their own individual style. There is a clear and direct link with Swedish deep roots and the origins of cocktails, they share their seasonal favourites.

Ebenist is the sister bar of Pharmarium, another Stylt project located next door, but where Pharmarium is all about innovation and new ideas, Ebenist is about tradition and good old fashioned craft. An “ébéniste” is a cabinet maker who works in fine woods like ebenholz, rosewood and mahogany. The building where Ebenist Bar & Restaurant is located was once home to a merchant of fine furniture (supplying, among others, the King of Sweden), and the restaurant interior is inspired by the beauty and passion for wood. The concept also includes a shop selling bartending tools, beautiful glassware, books, handmade wooden utensils and selected other curiosities.

Stylt trampoli’s favourite aspect of the project is the smooth, silky wall panelling that simply glows with natural beauty. They believe that the design works so well because it is a seamless part of a carefully designed guest experience. As it is based on a strong, strategic concept, it is meaningful as well as gorgeous, durable and commercially effective. In Ebenist’s medieval vaulted cellar was Johan III’s favourite place. Today, over 500 years later, you can enjoy the finest wines in this historic setting. The wine cellar is home to around 200 carefully selected wines from the old and new world – an exciting encounter between older and modern vinmakeri plus a dose of rock’n’roll … Their philosophy is that it should not be complicated to drink a good wine. Their knowledgeable sommeliers will help you find your favourites, and the best combinations of food and drink.