Project name: F. Bistronome
Category: Restaurant
Location: Beijing, China
Date completed: May 2017
Interior designer: David Chang Design Associates

The overall design atmosphere is based on the modern art deco style. The entire space structural concept is evolved from the integral parts of Eiffel Tower. With copper to resemble wrought iron, and with indented button shapes on both side of the mirror wrapping around 4 structural columns to resemble nuts and bolts, the copper oval ring with an independent suspended art deco lighting fixture is placed in the centre of the 4 structural columns. David Chang Design Associates wanted to create a nostalgic Parisian atmosphere dining above the cityscape in the Eiffel Tower.

Since more than 40% of the outer walls surrounded the restaurant are full height windows with spectacular views of downtown Beijing, including China Central Television Building and China Zun, the tallest skyscraper built in Beijing with height of 528 metres. The designers maximised the effect of the magnificent view as if guests are sitting in a jewellery box made of glass suspended above the cityscape by strategically placing mirrors wrapping around the columns and walls.

F. Bistronome is located in the heart of the Central Business District in Beijing, and it is classified as one of the most glamorous restaurant among many top fine dining spots in Beijing. As the night falls, F. Bistronome can be seen as a transparent jewellery box elevated by 4 mirrored columns and copper trusses, and connected with an oval art deco decorative lighting fixture within an copper oval ring, floating above the heart of downtown Beijing. F. Bistronome is all about reflecting an authentic home dining experience with a focus on the passionate French spirit of partager (sharing) and l┬┤art de vie (the art of living).