Project name: Jumeirah Al Naseem
Category: Hotel Over 200 Rooms
Location: Dubai, UAE
Date completed: December 2016
Interior designer: dsgn Design
Hotel Group: Jumeirah

Jumeirah Al Naseem is a 438 Key Urban Resort located on axis to the 7-Star Burj Al Arab and is an “elegantly simple” Beach Resort that has been realised through the incorporation of personalised attention to detail , the local essence of the UAE and individual and unique design concepts . The interior design concept for the 438 Room Jumeirah Al Naseem Urban Resort, strives to achieve a unique and authentic Interior positioning that locates the International Resort & Business Traveller within the geographical and cultural location of the Middle East, whilst achieving a sophisticated, yet contemporary relaxed environment, that resonates and responds to the luxury traveller’s desires and aspirations, whilst reinforcing Jumeirah Hotels individual brand standards applicable to a Beach Resort Hotel within Dubai.

Upon entering the Resort, the guest is welcomed through a soothing and tranquil palette of neutral colours and natural textured materials, which calm the senses, whilst focusing the visitor’s attention to the alluring beach and sea vistas beyond, through the cascading plateau of water features and naturally landscaped planting. The reception lobby & check in extend the overall concept of creating a residence, as opposed to a typical hotel environment, where the guest is greeted in a personalised Majlis lounge with comfortable and relaxed occasional seating, for personal interaction with hotel staff, who will complete the check-in formalities with respect and integrity. The entrance colonnade transverses the arrival spaces parallel to the vistas of the sea and beach beyond, whist providing glimpses of the world renowned and iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel in the near distance.

The natural hues and textured materials extend through the colonnade with its vaulted ceilings, leading to the lobby lounge which has been created to emphasise the overall construct of the beach resort, which is that all spaces are both “inside and outside”. The junction happens in an effortless and seamless manner, to encourage the external experience of Dubai during the cooler months, whist providing, in the summer months, the illusion that the internal air conditioned spaces are perceived as external.

The overall resort concept of focusing the guest’s attention on the external environment has been extended to the bedrooms where the interior spatial planning seeks to de-materialise all the walls, and thereby blur the spatial boundaries, whilst simultaneously providing the guest, the option of personal privacy, should this be required, through sliding shoji screens, creating rooms within rooms. The calming and soothing natural hues and textures are extended into the bedrooms to create a relaxed, yet contemporary, experience where the guest is encouraged to experience the bedroom as an extension of their own home and living space i.e. a home away from home. Nowhere within the bedrooms is this more evident than within the generous lounge which has been created as an internal yet external terrace, which can be either fully air conditioned, or open to the elements, weather permitting.