Project Name: Katamama
Category: Hotel Under 200 Rooms Asia Pacific
Location: Seminyak, Bali
Date Completed: March 2016
Interior Designer: PTT Family
Architect: Andra Matin

Katamama is the first hotel by PTT Family, a rare project involving 100% handcrafted and bespoke Indonesian techniques to build the whole property, Katamama is a truly bespoke creation. The hotel emphasises Indonesian culture in a contemporary context through its architecture, art, design and craftsmanship. Katamama is designed to represent Bali – to feel Balinese but modern at the same time. Inspired by the 60s and 70s, it is geometrical, which is unusual as almost every hotel in Bali is planned with curved lines.

Contemporary design elements pay reference to the Balinese lifestyle and lush green gardens that reflect the natural beauty of the island. The exterior of Katamama takes its cues from the Balinese building practice of tri angga, a concept where the spatial structure reflects harmony between the building and its occupants. Katamama features an elevated lobby allowing guests to view the pool and surrounding landscape. Every bespoke detail at Katamama was handcrafted by Indonesian artisans and craftspeople, often using a traditional process. This includes the commission of a whole Balinese village to create 1.5 million hand-pressed Balinese bricks to construct the hotel. All of the timber and the amenities found in the rooms and throughout the hotel are from Indonesia.

The design gives guests the chance to experience real luxury and Indonesian culture through a contemporary context. The inviting architecture, modern artisanal design, and exciting international brand collaborations from the disciplines of design, fashion, music, art, mixology and the culinary arts enhance the hotel experience. Katamama forms the core of a community of like-minded businesses, a neighbourhood that is fast becoming Bali’s creative hub. These local establishments include Potato Head Beach Club, Escalier – Indonesia’s leading independent luxury fashion boutique, Alchemy – the island’s first 100% raw vegan café & juice bar and Canaan, a curated home and living gallery and retail space.