Público is a celebration of Latin American beyond the clichés: forget sombreros, pillar cacti and sugar skulls. Here, it is the vibrant culture, the appetite for life, the flavours and the rhythms of Latin America that are in focus, and as the evening progresses, the plates are cleared and the music is turned up. Dancing on the tables is positively encouraged.

Público is a world away from stuffy old-school dining, both conceptually and in terms of design. The white table cloths, the monumental drapes and the elegantly muted colours are gone, and in their place there’s worn wood, leather, rope, and wallpaper with dancing animals. Relaxed, informal and welcoming, Publico represents the restaurant of the future, where the experience is adapted to the guest rather than the other way around, and where dining is all about having a good time, rather than showing off your good manners.

Much of the interior is custom designed by Stylt. The worked leather lamps are handmade by a Mexican artisan saddler, and the rope chandelier have been commissioned from an Australian macramé artist. The patterned wallpapers and furnishing fabrics have been designed by Stylt’s own artists, and are full of playful combinations of Latin American plants and animals. The design works because it is a seamless part of a carefully designed guest experience. It is based on a strong, strategic concept, it is meaningful as well as gorgeous, durable and commercially effective.