Project name: R Bar- Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon
Category: Bar/Club/Lounge
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Date completed: February 2017
Interior designer: KAZE VIETNAM
Hotel Group: Marriott Group

The R Bar at the Renaissance Hotel, Saigon, was given a much needed face lift by KAZE Vietnam, who were commissioned to completely reinvent the bar and give it a much needed rejuvenated look, appealing to tourists and the local people alike. This task was undertaken with the brief that Vietnam’s rich history had to be captured throughout the transformation of this bar in the heart of Ho Chi Minh.

The dramatic arrival to the Renaissance is a transformation on its own with bold and dramatic angles used within the ceiling lights and marble materials pointing in all directions. The sense of fearless arrival you get when you walk through the door is is what they call the ‘R-Mark’, a very real experience which resonated within all Renaissance Hotels. The dramatic entrance also makes reference to the fragmentation and historical complexity of Saigon.

The design was thought of as an reflection of past, present and future of Saigon, Vietnam. It also shows what Vietnam is capable in terms of craftsmanship and design. One of the hotel’s major successes is that not only do tourists visit the R Bar but the local people of Ho Chi Minh visit and use the facilities of the bar and the lobby as a casual meeting place or somewhere clientele have dinner and drinks. KAZE captures the brief of the design and what the quality Renaissance Hotel name means to many tourists and customers.