Project name: Wan Chu Restaurant
Category: Restaurant Award
Location: Shenzhen
Date completed: 2015
Interior designer: Ricky Wong Designers

The project adopts the use of simple rough bricks for the adornment of walls, which makes the whole dining environment full of cultural characteristics. “Wan Chu” is a traditional oriental restaurant, which combines the art and traditional culture of Huizhou. With a nostalgic feeling, its design pursues a beauty of simplicity and nature.

The orderly space layout of Wan Chu, which has a delicate and broad way of severing spaces, is a metaphor to the neatness and harmony of the “Hui” style architecture and it mutually complements the “HuiZhou” cultural elements. The design makes full use of the technique and art to merge the practical, aesthetics and spiritual values of light, combining both light and space in order to make the dining space more stylish.

The rough brick-walls, layout of doors, delicacy of the door knockers’ carves and the marks of age on the eaves all helps to achieve a sense of flexibility, serenity and freedom for both the external and internal space, through the perfect unity of technique and art, adding infinite energy to the design. The overall design mainly uses grey and white, and the materials makes the use of the antique tiles and paint with artistic texture. With the design method of modern simplicity, Ricky Wong integrates fashion and vision into the ancient style, and use the texture of interior design.