Project Name: Westin Lagunamar
Location: Cancun, Mexico
Interior Designer: DPA&D
Architect: DPA&D

Westin Lagunamar in Cancun, Mexico, is a 65,000 sq.m resort which includes 293 time-share apartments, shops, restaurants, pools, and a health club. The architecture and design of the project is integrated with nature; it combines indoor and outdoor spaces by means of a structure with monumental porticoes in conjunction with intimate micro spaces.

The guest can enjoy both the close proximity of nature and a comfortable homey feel. The number of positive remarks made by the hotel guests just confirms the success of every step taken as far as interior design and architecture are concerned. Designing for big brands is a challenge, since you have to respect standards while seeking differentiation. Westin Lagunamar’s design is functional and contemporary, showing many traditional Mexican elements, from which DPA draws on. The Mexican style, expressed in textures, colours, and local artisan ceramics meets DPA studio‚Äôs long established experience in designing international hotels without losing sight of the culture of each region. At Westin Lagunamar guests feel that they are staying at a tropical home, not in a hotel.