Project Name: The Act Hotel
Location: Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE
Date Completed: Late 2016
Interior Designer: Draw Link Group
Architect: Team Engineering
Hotel Group: Royal Tulip

The Act Hotel revolves around the concept of a theatre where each space and subspace are provided with their own subtle identity whilst maintaining transparency and harmony between the areas. The 5-star hotel has a total area of 21,727 sq. m and is composed of 18 floors, has 180 rooms and suites, 2 food and beverage outlets – The Oscars All Day Dining and The Scene Coffee Lounge, 5 meeting rooms, a ballroom, full treatment spa and gym and an outdoor swimming pool. Draw Link Group was brought in to create a hotel which would significantly contribute to the development of the tourism sector in Sharjah, and add value to its leisure and wellness facilities.

To enhance the dramatic ambiance of the space and play on the theatrical theme the light fittings were strategically placed in a way to light up the reception area and then gradually dim the light intensity while going deeper into the hotel. If we perceive the hotel to be a theatrical entity, the bright public areas can be visualized as ‘stages’ while the proscenium spaces (corridors, lounges, elevator halls) are purposely designed to be darker, and the crossover (back of house offices) entirely concealed from the visitors’ point of view.

Draw Link Group has used coloured mirrored walls in various locations to create a feeling of uncertainty – it is unclear whether the space should be considered as real and tangible, or as a latent representation. Even in the most unexpected locations you can find small surprises like motivational quotes engraved into wood wall panels. The finished result is an unmatched atmosphere of mystery and contemporary minimalist sophistication while respecting the warmth of hospitality outlets.

In The Act Hotel, Draw Link Group took a subjective view to the issue of sustainability. Both the client and the Draw Link team were keen to produce a contemporary design with an intrinsic architectural pallet that insured the environmental responsibility was a core to material selection. In order to maintain the architectural integrity and the pure design ethos Draw Link Group created a base pallet of high end materials which have sustainability and ecological footprint at their core. Bolon, Laminam & Valchromat. Every material used has a subtle texture, which adds a personalized touch. The design stands out, the unique feel has the advantage of making the brand recognizable. The Act Hotel created a whole concept and experience based on a vibrant atmosphere and intelligent touches that would guarantee an unmistakably distinct effect for its guests.