Project Name: Amara (Paraiso Beach Club)
Location: Miami, Florida
Date Completed: January 2018
Architect: Arquitectonica – Miami, FL
Interior Designer: Meyer Davis

Paraiso Restaurant is warm, natural and inviting; drawing from an effortless & vibrant local beach community with white washed panelling, natural woods, graphic concrete tiles captured by huge windows displaying amazing views. Detailing is honest – exposed trusses, open double-height steel staircase; a relaxed beach club environment. The space is intended to facilitate a range of experiences that will serve both its’ immediate residential community, as well as the broader neighbourhood – an inviting, communal main floor restaurant and exterior lounge, a more intimate lounge upstairs with private dining space, as well as a unique pool deck & exterior lounge.

The relaxed, approachability of this space was a key focus for all parties involved. The design is intentionally edited to help support that – unnecessary elements were pulled back in favour of support for the pieces that would elegantly support the intended environment. The mood and feeling of the space was of constant focus; the thoughtful curation of materials, architectural design elements and furniture successfully work together to create the environment the client was after. A natural, honest, and refined palette; interspersed with bold pops; reflects not only the character of the community, but also of the culinary experience at Amara. The edited, well-crafted environment aids in highlighting the pure, bold flavours being served up at Amara, meanwhile, the dynamic elements reflect the energy of the community its’ serving.

Meyer Davis’ favourite aspect of the project is the blurred lines between the interior/exterior divide. The location on the Bay offers up spectacular views and provides a great environment for entertaining amongst this vibrant community – this space needed to provide the perfect backdrop to that. On both levels, large windows provide unobstructed access to the views, and large doors pull back to further remove the divide between the two spaces. The furniture concept was consistent; extending throughout both environments – inviting pieces that offered an effortless, comfortable immersion into the space. Perhaps more obviously, the large, natural trees within the main floor dining area helps to anchor the connection to the outdoors.

The space not only serves to highlight the beautiful scenery of the waterfront, but it also reflects the playfulness and vibrancy of the community it serves. The environment had a direct influence over the materials in play, as well as the detailing. Large-scale, bold moves are balanced with an approachable and inviting material palette. Natural finishes are contrasted with accents of colour and pattern in a range of textures. The approachable palette & engagement with the direct environment aids in fostering the effortless gathering hub for the community at large.