Project Name: BESH. Turkish Kitchen

Location: Dubai

Date Completed: AUGUST 2016

Architect: Majid Al Futtaim

Interior Designer: Keane Brands

Hotel Group: Starwood – Sheraton

Construction Company: BW Interiors

An authentic, adaptable, contemporary Turkish restaurant with inspiration taken from the small independent outlets found in the back streets of Istanbul. Uniquely, this is the 3 meals restaurant of the Sheraton, that not only caters to the hotel, but many outside visitors. It functions not only as the ADD but also the Turkish Speciality restaurant.

Keane Studio’s design brief was to create an authentic Turkish kitchen inspired by the small independent outlets found in the streets of Istanbul. The food offering had to take centre stage with there being a clear line of sight from the entrance to the feature ‘Pide’ Oven. Keane Brands had to create a flexible space that serves as both the main breakfast room of the hotel morphing into an authentic Turkish kitchen throughout other day parts. From the very entry, the eye is drawn to the licking fires of the Pide oven. It’s rustic finishes contrast perfectly with shimmering tiles on surrounding vertical surfaces.

Keane Brands design works so well because it has ability to grow and shrink the space for different day parts: achieved with a decorative down lit metal curtain that could be drawn to achieve a truly flexible space. Kriska Décor – created this detailed chain curtains of the skyline silhouette of Istanbul. Playful, pixelated and detailed. The sight lines are obstructed and revealed to add interest and draw guests further into the space. A new experience for some, and for those who have been to Istanbul, a distinct familiarity creating an all round approachable and enjoyable interior.

Being the 3 meals restaurant of such an established hotel brand, means that a user friendly layout must be achieved in the most busy periods, namely at breakfast and its buffet. However, the upturn in atmosphere and ambient required of a speciality restaurant requires the space to morph chameleon-like into the day and evening, with little or no evidence of the previous serve. By its nature, the restaurant must integrate into the wider hotel, and serve function to hotel guests but have the appeal to draw in outside and local patronage. The success of Besh is evidence of this integration, and is becoming a benchmark for other venues.

Besh is fast becoming a benchmark, not only for the local hotel groups, but global leaders that are re-looking at how the dwindling day parts of an ADD can be upturned into great, profitable experiences, driving further revenue and giving guests an otherwise undesirable option for dining out.