Project Name: Brasserie du Park

Location: Park Hyatt, Dubai

Date Completed: February 2018

Interior Designer: LW Design

Hotel Group: Park Hyatt

Construction Company: Aati Contracting

Located in Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club on the banks of the majestic Dubai Creek, Park Hyatt Dubai provides an idyllic setting for a luxury getaway. An inspired assortment of award-winning restaurants is meticulously curated to ensure a sophisticated, enriching, and uncommon experience. The brief was to create a modern French brasserie inspired by the colours of the Deauville ocean front. The objective was to create an interactive experience between the guests and the chefs where one feels part of the lively kitchen activities. It had to cater to all meal times and therefore was to be light and airy yet still have a sophisticated ambiance.

The intent was to incorporate a bakery, live cooking stations, communal seating area, a chef’s table as well as an outdoor terrace executed in the same spirit as that of the interior space. Typical French delicatessen products were to be displayed as part of the environment creating a delectable boutique. All doors were to be done as double French doors, creating an open indoor/outdoor feel. The use of materials had to be durable and suitable for its use throughout and all seating units. As there are already 5 other outlets in this hotel, the intent was for this venue to capture a more upmarket and sophisticated clientele.

This popular restaurant has for many years attracted loyal residents of Dubai as well as visitors from abroad and has always been a favourite for its high-quality French cuisine and lush brunches amongst the vast selection of venues on offer in Dubai. It was therefore important to maintain its soul and spirit. LW Design’s favourite aspects of the project include the high-volume spaces, the intricate veined marble and the interactive kitchen.
This is a stand-alone restaurant, which has a completely different design style to the rest of the hotel. However, it beautifully forms part of the central area that sits in the square of the hotel surround by other bars and restaurants. LW Design believe that the design works so well because everything is open in plain view and there is a real interactive connection between the guests and the chef.