Project Name: Eden Island Marina Residential Development, Seychelles
Location: Seychelles
Date Completed: Ongoing
Interior Designer: Source IBA – South Africa
Architect: Dennis Moss Partnership and Ray Alexander

Eden Island is a residential marina development in Seychelles just off the coast from Mahe, the main island. It consists of 570 homes made up of apartments, maisons (duplexes) and villas. Architects Dennis Moss Partnership of Stellenbosch, South Africa, were awarded the challenging task to undertake the urban design of the island, design concept of the buildings and preparation of the landscape plans. The style is distinctly Seychellois, with strong Victorian influences through large verandas and open rooms overlooking immaculate views of the ocean, mountains, forests, and other nearby islands. Roofs are pitched high, reminiscent of their Chinese ancestry and are always red – in line with local customs.

Within the residential estate, the apartments and maisons were designed by Dennis Moss, the Villas were designed by architect Ray Alexander. Dennis Moss stated: “The objective was, like music and poetry, to create rhythm and rhyme that would be intuitively and positively experienced as one moves through the spaces of Eden Island on foot, by buggy, or by boat.” The finishes echo natural attributes, such as shimmering ocean hues, soft pink and coral reflections and deep tones of grey and darkly cast shadows.

Owners can select from a range of furniture and decor styles specially designed and chosen for their homes. Each style portrays a mixture of European, Arabian, Indian and African influences. They are generous in design, keeping with the island lifestyle. Colour schemes allow you to personalise every room of your home and imbue it with colour in the form of cushions, artworks and decor items. There are four colourways, all drawn from the natural beauty of the surrounds and aptly named Aqua, Forest, Driftwood and Sunset.

The luxury of Eden Island life is found in the simplicity of outdoor living in a safe and secure environment. Everything is organised around living spaces – from the open plan living rooms and verandas to the moorings and beaches on your doorstep. Also, every home on Eden Island is beside the water which is quite unique for an island development. Every design element has been chosen to reflect the indigenous culture, from the wood being used, indicative of the lush forests and blue ocean, to the carefully designed interiors of the homes, chosen specifically to portray the colours and shades of the surrounding Seychelles. It is the perfect blend between contemporary design and natural inspiration.