Project Name: Fraser Suites Abuja
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Date Completed: June 2017
Interior Designer: Jehanne Soussi Tamli
Architect: Riviera Project Group
Hotel Group: Frasers Hospitality

A landmark building located in the heart of the Federal Capital of Nigeria, Fraser Suites Abuja features 126 Gold-Standard residences that combine comfort, style and technology with outstanding facilities and exclusive in-house services. The developer’s brief for Fraser Suites Abuja was truly ambitious, to create Nigeria’s most exclusive hotel apartments that would offer the epitome of luxury, beauty, workmanship and meticulous detail. The concept of Frasers Hospitality is supported by a living environment with understated elegance that is efficiently designed, incorporating a timeless, luxurious and classy feel with a touch of local culture.

Being in the federal capital of such a promising emerging market and African powerhouse further heightened the already great expectations. However, as a third world country with a multitude of systemic problems and difficult operating environment, this was almost impossible to achieve. Major problems such as limited resources combined with obscure importation restrictions, made the design project even more strenuous. Due to these immense challenges and restricted means, interior design itself had to be pushed beyond creative boundaries, while the design team had to improvise and think out of the box. The end result was astounding and took everyone by surprise, particularly those who understand and appreciate the extraordinary complications of operating in Nigeria.

Breaking all the boundaries and surpassing all challenges, the developer’s vision was eventually materialized as a luxurious and timeless hotel was actualized. Fraser Suites Abuja is indeed a first-class architectural structure with a unique modern design that is comprised of three wings over ten floors with a central atrium. The exterior of the building features an elegant glass, aluminium and travertine stone facade, while the skylight at the very top is an engineering masterpiece. The interior entrance is graced with polished botticino marble flooring and selected magic brown stone paneling, while the striking Murano chandeliers cascade down three flights to provide an ambience of understated elegance.

The central atrium provides a fascinating atmosphere with its dramatic water feature and glass curtain wall, all amplified by intelligent lighting. The main lobby is furnished with black lacquered consoles and luxurious leather sofas, while the design of the carpets flow with the art deco geometric theme of the hotel, creating a seamless design theme. The reception desk is built of a solid travertine stone structure and black lacquered top, and combined masterfully with the signature aluminium art deco inspired pattern. The restaurant flows with the same design scheme in its colour palette and elegance, while staying true to its location by showcasing unique local African art.