Project Name: The Gilded Iguana

Location: Nosara Beach, Nicoya, Costa Rica

Date Completed: March 2018

Interior Designer: Sofia Interiorismo

Architect: Studio Saxe

Construction Company: LHC Construction Company

The Gilded Iguana used to be a vintage hotel in the heart of Nosara, one of Costa Rica’s best beaches for surfing. The project involved a tropical contemporary design for a surf beach hotel located in the heart of one of the most beautiful beaches. Sofia Interiorismo’s main goal was to preserve its history but through a new line of design, a surfer hotel that is comfortable for all types of people that visit Nosara. The design is simple, fresh and allows a perfect amount of natural light, making the space feel comfortable for the guest. As a design studio, Sofia Interiorismo are very proud of this project, because 90% of all interior design was produced in Costa Rica. The designers believe there is so much potential in Costa Rica to create luxurious spaces in public areas.

The hotel areas include an open space reception, restaurant, pool area, 4 buildings & a Spa. The four buildings were given a different concept: yoga, jungle, pool, and surf, which are keywords Sofia Interiorismo use to describe Nosara. Each has a colour to contrast; handmade concrete tiles were produced with a different pattern for each building. All the furniture was produced locally with hardworking artisans who know everything to know about teak wood. Local suppliers also provided decorative lighting, it was a highlight for Sofia Interiorismo to use local suppliers.

Mainly due to distribution and as a complement to the decor, every area was thought according to its function, all passages are comfortable for people to have enough space to be alone or with luggage, surfboard, etc. The decor is simple, easy to clean, high transit, locally produced and so can be easily replaced. Tropical modern describes best the exterior architecture completed by Studio Saxe which blends perfectly with the interior design. As a concept detail, Sofia Interiorismo included images of black & white daily activities within Nosara’s. Surfing, walking on the beach, monkeys & natural elements, yoga, horseback riding, or even the same popular people you meet like the guy selling coconut water freshly served in a real coconut on the beach.