Project Name: Healin Foods Café & Restaurants

Location: Nişantaş, İstanbul

Date Completed: December 2017

Interior Designer: Mustafa Kaan Çetinkaya

Construction Company: SPACE Architects & Designers

‘Healin Foods’ is a new branded restaurant in Istanbul which only serves natural and organic foods. The main goal for this ‘pastoral design’ was to embolden the forms and textures which come from natural flora in line with Healin Food’s slogan: ‘fresh and clean foods from the nature’. The content of the cuisine has no processed sugar, processed flour, corn syrup, artificial colouring, or additives, instead it has many unique healthy recipes, generally made from organic vegetables.

The concept was to design a fresh, natural atmosphere combined with elegant-chic design elements for customers who like healthy and clean eating. The cosy, intimate café and grocery store for organic foods are located on the ground floor, while a fine-dining organic restaurant area welcomes you at the upper floor, with the elegant details. Natural colours, plants, green hue walls and soft-textured wallpapers, create a sense of comfort and freshness in the restaurant and accentuate the Healin Food’s brand identity. Italian painter, Giuseppe Archimboldo’s ‘fantasy still life paintings’ are composed of shells, flowers, fruits and vegetables and are used throughout this project.

The design elements influenced by nature and wellbeing are felt everywhere in the restaurant, all wallpapers are specially designed for this space with the colour and composition integrity. Rough surfaced stones are used both on the walls and furniture details. Furniture and lighting choices along with the bronze metal details bring a warm and elegant atmosphere. Exposed ceilings are covered by suspended metal panels with different heights and sizes along with bronze mirrors and space-defining lighting fixtures. It has also benefited from floral abstractions in ceiling metal panels and separators.

The location of the restaurant is one of the most popular and elaborate districts in İstanbul that attracts the attention of both tourists and locals. Both the ground floor and the first floor have fully openable joinery systems that reinforce the relation of interior space with the street. The elements of the interior space are used with abstract forms of flora and specific materials are used for customers to sense the textures from the nature.