Project Name: Hotel Eleven

Location: Austin Texas United States of America

Date Completed: April 2016

Architect: Dick Clark & Associates

Interior Designer: Dick Clark & Associates

Construction Company: MDS Builders of Texas

Hotel Eleven is like you have a friend in Austin that happens to have a modern hotel. Owners Mark and Shelly are invested in every decision in the hotel design and greet every guest personally since the hotel is limited to only 14 rooms. The 14 rooms provide a variety of sizes from the tiny Crashpad to the Prime Junior Suite to encourage a variety of guest.

The facility was designed and built from the ground to be a hotel unlike most small hotels or B&B’s allowing Dick Clark & Associates to create each room as unique in its layout and interior design with unique light fixtures and playful wallpaper designs. Standard rooms have a balcony overlooking 11th Street and the Junior Suites have a large corner window that looks down 11th Street to the Capitol of Texas only a few blocks away. The Crashpads have a unique very large round window that really makes the experience unique. For such a small hotel, Hotel Eleven includes a variety of indoor and outdoor communal spaces as well as a public bar and roof deck. This great roof deck has panoramic urbans views of downtown Austin, the Capital of Texas, historic churches and University of Texas. The sun sets right behind downtown each night making it a popular spot for a drink before exploring the many neighbourhood restaurants for dinner. Hotel Eleven also has its own neighbourhood wine bar where the guest get to mingle with the locals.

The design of this hotel reiterates the local nature of this community with its design and hand built details throughout the hotel, but also introduces the community to the international traveller through its embracement with the neighbourhood. The owners live on site and get to treat each guest like a friend while providing them with the amenities and opportunities of a truly urban hotel. East 11th Street in Austin is very historic, only a couple blocks from the front door of the Texas Capitol Building, but it is now recreating itself as a young and hip neighbourhood of infill houses, neighbourhood restaurants, and small independent shopping stores. Hotel Eleven now anchors the centre of this street with an exterior design that integrates the historic Austin common brick contrasted with new contemporary design elements like the wood clad volume that pushes out over the street and provides corner window views from the Junior Suite to the Texas Capitol Building just down the street. Inside there is a long linear bar just 15 feet from the street, open through a wide expanse of windows that brings in locals and visitors alike to mingle at the bar.

Many local small shop artisans worked with Dick Clarke & Associates and the Owners to build the project. The design of the back bar incorporates a custom backlit bottle display made from stacking 400 wine bottles on their side and shining light though them. The 2 custom communal tables in the bar and back patio were made from the ying and yang of black walnut and light maple hardwoods into a table top in the interlocking 1’s of the hotel logo. Dick Clark & Associates welded up the steelwork in the bar including the backbar, wineglass racks, door & window trim, and communal table bases.  A local carpenter just a few blocks away on East 12th street built the furniture in the bedrooms including the custom platform bed and headboard with integral night tables. They also built the accessory piece that incorporates the desk, dresser drawers, packing stool, and integral refrigerator out of black walnut.