Project Name: Hotel Indigo Warsaw
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Interior Designer: 2Kul
Hotel Group: IHG

Hotel Indigo Warsaw is unique in that the property, although it does not appear so, is in fact a new build property combining a highly stylised intricate baroque structure that heavily contrasts with the adjoining architecturally modern buildings. It is this duality of baroque and modernity that inspired the design of the hotel. This is clearly seen in the striking lobby space where this old vs. new duality is clearly present. The space is dominated by a full height (measuring some 20m+) hand blown glass chandler that is computer controlled in such a way that elegant light patterns ebb and flow up and down the light fittings full length.

A highly stylised black glass whisky bar encases an intricately hand carved chunk of baroque architecture and the lobby is filled with designer soft furnishings reflective of baroque inspired jewels in corresponding rich tones. Even corridor spaces have a dual personality with some in a bright white and others in a rich black.

Guest rooms vary across the site and no two are exactly the same, some a bright and calming pure white and other a deep and intimate rich grey. Bathrooms similarly follow this dual personality, some white, some grey & gold. The Hero Suites perfectly encapsulate the playful concept of a contemporary twist on the baroque, with double height window seating niches ornately decorated with baroque shapes contrasted with an uber contemporary full glass viewing box, giving stunning views across downtown Warsaw.