Project Name: Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa

Location: Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Date Completed: November 17, 2016

Architect: SB Architects

Interior Designer: Dayna Lee & Ted Berner, Principal Designers | Powerstrip Studio

Hotel Group: Kimpton Hotels & Resorts

A 266 room resort, with suites, bungalows and spa, on 12 acres along Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman Island.

Sculptures make a strong presence in the design of the guestrooms, suites and bungalows inspired by large palm seed pods that are hand carved in wood and painted with different patterns. Although the design celebrates the islands’ history the amenities are decidedly modern with an automated system that controls everything from the temperature to the slide of the drapes. The resort also houses perhaps the most sophisticated sound and lighting system in the Cayman Islands, all lighting and audio are automated and can be programmed to create specific ‘moods’ to enhance guest experience.

The Seafire’s guest room colour palette is an island palette inspired by indigenous Caymanian tropical blooms: pink blossoms of bougainvillea and orchid, the Royal Red Poinciana, the white sands of Seven Mile Beach and the bark of the birch tree – a distinct departure from the turquoise blue palette often seen at other coastal resorts. All guestrooms are positioned for guests to view the gin-clear sea.

Powerstrip Studio chose to make the process of conceptual and interior design a strong collaboration with locals. Without them, the design of the spaces would not have the richness and subtlety of warmth and content. All of these details combine to allow resort guests to get a feel for the history and British culture of the island within the polished interior architecture and modern special joinery. The merging of the new work and the local history makes Seafire a unique environment. It is not a museum, it is an island residence, modern and timeless.

The invisible work is so innovative and important for remote island life: the responsibility to resources. Without sacrificing the luxury and full bodied character of the design, the efforts in place include: generating power via a 100 KW solar array; an advanced geothermal air-conditioning system is used to keep the hotel at the optimum temperature for guests; rain water collected and re-used for irrigation; re-purposing trees and shrubs; using demolished rubble in the new construction; all LED lighting.

Generosity exemplified through design is important to the work of Powerstrip Studio, the Owner and Kimpton. And how nice it is, with views from every room to the gin-clear waters of Seven Mile Beach.