Project Name: Larte
Location: Dubai, UAE
Date Completed: November 2017
Interior Designer: Paul Bishop

The brief created by the Larte project was to showcase the best of contemporary Italian design, culinary creativity and artistic expression in a casual licensed café/restaurant located in Dubai’s flourishing design district. The initiative of this venue was a joint venture between Roya Hospitality and the Altagamma foundation – a committee of high end Italian cultural, fashion and design brands from differing sectors that are united by a continuous search of innovation and quality which for 25 years has been bringing together globally recognized ambassadors of Italian style.

Looking to exhibit their brands in a media and product driven space, the client envisioned bringing an original concept to the Dubai Food and Beverage market by creating a venue where art meets a dining and bar experience, which fuse into one visually dynamic and versatile venue. It was to be a functional combination of open kitchen, bar, lounge, and bistro all in one homogenous space. Inspiration was to be derived from fashion and art in order to achieve an eclectic, unconventional yet comfortable and approachable dining location for the Clientele of Dubai Design District (D3.)

Bishop Design’s approach was to create a controversial and thought-provoking concept, with their main focus fulfilling the client’s wish to bring a brand-new experience to Dubai by creating an edgy and vibrant interior accomplished by using boldly coloured fabrics, surface projections and bespoke furniture. Larte was to offer an all-day dining experience combining a counter service café and full service licensed trattoria, living by the philosophy of ‘bello, buono e ben fatto’ meaning the beautiful, the good and the well-made. The concept was to be a model example of simple, honest Italian excellence and hospitality.

The venue is conveniently located in the Design District, which is the perfect environment to captivate a creative audience. The constant change of the restaurants curators enriches the space’s dynamic experience, allowing creative individuals to showcase their work throughout, utilizing the flexible and versatile art display units. This venue offers a warm and light ambience that breathes art and where every wall is the perfect backdrop for the unique design pieces. As one of the few licensed places in the area, Larte has immediately become a hit for after work drinks and a hip spot for events.