Project Name: Midtown Brewery Bar Hangzhou

Location: China

Date Completed: March 2016

Interior Designer: Bond Design Studio Inc.

Hotel Group: Shangri-la Hotel

The restaurant is located in the shangri-la hotel Hangzhou. Here guests can enjoy tapas and beer in an installation space with factory details. When Bond Design Studio Inc. were asked to design the restaurant, the client had two different ideas; one was a tapas restaurant and the other was a craft beer bar. The two of them were combined and became one big restaurant to create synergy with each other. A space like a brewery factory where guests can be entertained and dine was our inspiration.

Since the location is in the suburb of China, creating a topical restaurant for locals was key. The city is constantly developing and making a new concept for restaurants could create a new market in the community. Drinking brewed beers with delicious tapas in a factory is a new and exciting experience. To enhance characteristics, and making the area easily accessible, the bar and the restaurant have been combined. In this way, the bar and the restaurant won’t just stand as one type of a restaurant nor a bar but will be able to serve fine drinks and food. The bar area has been opened out with a reception area that guests can check-in. With this layout, local guests can access the restaurant easily, without going into the hotel. Depending on the situation, the restaurant transforms to many types of layouts. In this factory-like space, industrial and luxurious styles are combined to create chemistry.

The beer tanks and systems are stored carefully in the beautiful glass cases while the lighting is contained in frames which light up the mechanical details gracefully. All the furniture, pipes, lighting fixtures, and arts are custom-made. The beer tanks and elaborated piping are stored in cases and are brewing beers. In addition to the equipment, imitation pipes and handles are added to enhance the feature and emphasize the character. Fine gold colours of details are accented to bring a luxury atmosphere.

To keep locality in this western bar, some details are developed with attention to the local materials. All the furniture, pipes, lighting fixtures, and arts are custom-made, and fabrics used on furniture were supplied by locals. This is an effective way to keep the atmosphere consistent throughout the restaurant. Red curtains and a wood wall panel at the main entrance evoke an oriental feel. Yellow lattice walls covered by gold leaf in the dining area are inspired by antique Chinese designs. Vivid blue colours and use of dusty green subtly alludes to Chinese culture with modern aesthetic. Due to exposing the functional features, it was Bond Design Studio Inc. challenge to elevate it to the level of installation art. Bond Design Studio Inc were challenged with not only creating a functional brewery restaurant, but also where guests can drink beers while being surrounded by the mechanical tanks and pipes. Using elements such as art materials, the restaurant has been transformed into an installation art space with active functionality.