Project Name: Panama/Medusa Nightclub

Location: Copenhagen Denmark

Date Completed: September 2016

Architect: Arkitekturministeriet – AMPD

Interior Designer: Arkitekturministeriet – AMPD

Construction Company: Nord Gruppen ApS

Panama/Medusa Nightclub is a world of its own. Its “Alice in Wonderland” inspired interior creates a unique atmospheric theme club with a light experience out of the ordinary. An interior with no limits of design and so many places to explore, that you will need a new table at the club every weekend for almost half a year.

The Nightclub has 12 different themed areas with more than 450 m2 and room for 600 people. The dance floor is surrounded by many booths and connecting rooms. In the center of the dance floor is a giant Tree of Life. The tree and the rest of the club is packed with LED lights that are computer controlled and are underlining the atmosphere.

The design works well and creates many different places to explore for young and old, men and women. Instead of being a classic dark nightclub, the interior makes people happy and the photos of a good night out much more vivid. The design makes the guests interact in both outfits and behavior. The dance floor with The Tree of Life has a connecting feeling at the center of the nightclub where the energy is concentrated. Its visible from most of the club and cascades energy and light through the different worlds of the club. The set design of the whole club is very visual mixing both a sea of materials and engineering light and sound skills.

AMPD really believe in designing with a theatrical approach when it comes to the enjoyment of people. The Set-Design approach should in general be much more widespread in the Design and Architecture world, whether it being Interior or Exterior! The greatest art in the world is to put dreams in the minds of other people and make them smile.