Project Name: The Park Lane Hong Kong, Pullman Hotel

Location: Hong Kong

Date Completed: August 2017

Interior Designer: Somethink Ltd

Hotel Group: The Park Lane Hong Kong

Pullman Hotel’s new look is high on style but also on personality. The design of the suites completed by Somethink Limited had to reflect and combine two significant styles, contemporary and vintage. The brief was intended to make guests feel as if they were walking in between “old” and “new”. The project begun with a study of the previous status of the hotel building, which contained typical elements from styling indicative of the 1980’s. This included the vintage colour of veneer and ceiling’s decorated with moulds that were maintained without modifications.

On the other hand, the aim of the design was to convert the hotel in a more contemporary space with a “new look”, adding decorative elements that could draw the attention of the different customers and yet match with existing elements. For Somethink Limited, the key aspect of the project was to reflect the style of contemporary with vintage or “walking in between now and past.” The most exciting part for the designers was incorporating a whisper of nostalgia with vibrant colours and furniture. The biggest challenge for this project was working in a restricted budget during a short turnover period. With a tight budget in mind, the renovation started with a complete re planning to maximize the usage of the space, creating a refreshing design.

Somethink Limited believe that the design works so well because the use of colour throughout the project is one of the most powerful –and inexpensive—tools used to evoke an experience. Colour is a skill. The designers approach was to start by educating the client at the beginning of the project that colour is just another component that allows the design to work for their goals. Somethink Limited proud of the work they did with strong, vibrant colours, that remain fresh and contemporary.